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About Me

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology & national certification as a Health & Wellness Coach.

I am a retired competitive & Division I Collegiate gymnast. My time as an athlete taught me the importance of well-being in all aspects of life. To me, well-being includes everything that makes up an individual's life allowing them to thrive. I believe it's important to do things we love and above all else to love who we are. Competitive sports taught me about my physical body as well as the importance of a strong mental mindset.


I learned how to go after what I want (goals, determination, aspirations), work through adversity (fear, injury, anxiety), live in the present (awareness, mind/body connection, mindfulness), and to enjoy the process.

Today I am a woman who is the result of a lifetime of pushing herself to be the best she can be and learning to love herself along the way. I am someone who is determined, resilient, kind-hearted, joyful, and observant. A person who loves helping others figure out their truth in living their best life. I am a lover of the outdoors, a girlfriend, a daughter, a dog mom, and a friend.  

As your wellness coach, I am dedicated to working through all that life offers you. I will be there with you as you intentionally live through the excitement, the challenges, and the everyday aspects of life. I am excited to work with you in developing your own path to a balanced and well life. If you are ready, I am too... Let's do this together!  

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