Baylie has worked with my daughter, Lizzie, for the past year in both a class and private setting. I cannot express enough what a blessing she has been. Lizzie has struggled with a mental block that keeps her from doing many of the tricks that used to be second nature. Baylie has patiently with Lizzie by giving her the confidence to rediscover the joy in her tumbling. My children have been around many different coaches in many different sports, but Baylie has a skill set that separates her from others. I am so happy that my daughter gets to learn from her. 

-Ashley T.

Mom of a 10yr old athlete

Baylie is an excellent wellness coach. Previously I had tried other health coaches, fitness trainers, and every diet under the sun, only to have weight and bad habits come back. With Baylie’s guidance and support, she taught me to be accountable for my choices and actions. She helped me develop eating and exercise plans according to my lifestyle along with motivating me to comply. Through our work together I learned about mindfulness and how wellness coaching is about all aspects of health, not just weight and exercise. I became more accountable for my actions and developed better habits. I've had great success with Baylie’s guidance. I lost weight and kept it off for over a year now and am still losing. You are more than a client with Baylie, she truly cares about you and your continued success.

-Debra O.

Baylie has been my wellness coach for over two years. I was in pretty bad shape physically when I first started working with her. I was pre-diabetic, my liver enzymes were high due to excess weight, and my muscles had weakened. Several years before, my husband and I had climbed Mount Whitney in California. That person who climbed Whitney had changed considerably. Baylie took that out-of-shape person who only had a speck of hope and helped me to overcome some of the hurdles that weighed me down. She's been very patient, kind, and motivating. She helps me to come up with solutions for whatever wellness problem I may be facing. She doesn't tell me what to do but helps me to figure out what I need to do. She encourages me to think for myself. I have gone into our sessions discouraged, and after our sessions, I am highly motivated to do better. I have seen progress since I started with her. I've had setbacks but I can see that I am definitely stronger and healthier than I was two years ago. My liver enzymes are considerably lower. My blood sugar levels are normal. I am exercising regularly. I am still working on my weight, but I have lost close to twenty pounds. I am so fortunate to have Baylie as my wellness coach. She has helped me to get healthier and to feel so much better. 

-Veronica M.

Baylie has helped me so much especially during this current COVID crisis. It has been such an adjustment to work from home while keeping my kids up on their work. At times I've felt lost with no time for exercise and healthy eating. Baylie has helped me to learn to balance all aspects of life and I'm now feeling much better about things. I'd highly recommend talking to Baylie for any wellness needs. 

-Michelle W.